Havaram products with the BEST brand provide numerous benefits to builders and purchasers of residential and office buildings.

Are you an apartment builder:

1.The increasing trend of housing prices has made it unaffordable to duct a cooler from the roof, and the number of ducts passing through floors naturally deducts some area of every apartment from the deed. This area may appear as a small number, yet be very costly in 5-floor buildings with many units (for example, 5 m2 just for the fifth floor)
Removing the ducts from the roof means:
A. Creating more space in floors and higher profits to the builder,
B. Eliminating long air conditioning ducts and improving system efficiency,
2.Removing radiators,
A. Freeing up usable space for home decoration,
E. And removing the need for radiator piping.
The best solution is to use Havaram’s BEST heating and cooling systems that can be installed to the balcony vertically, the roof, or the apartment’s interior in the dropped ceiling.

Are you an apartment owner:

By choosing BEST heating and cooling systems, you will:
A. Enjoy a fully-intelligent air conditioner, where you simply adjust your desired temperature and leave the rest to the smart system,
B. Experience desirable and pollution-free cooling in summer and pleasant warmth in winter,
C. Witness a significant reduction in your electricity bill,
D. Be amazed of your system’s warranty and after-sales services,
E. And be surprised of its completely silent operation!


Choosing Havaram means choosing peace and comfort!