What do we know about the air conditioner or air supply device?

What is an air conditioner?

Air conditioner is a device to provide fresh and air conditioning for all types of indoor space. Air conditioner is one of the most important devices used in air conditioning.

The air conditioner has its own application in each industry and is responsible for providing the necessary air with humidity and temperature or cold.

Types of air conditioners

In terms of application, air conditioners are divided into two categories

Home or apartment air conditioner

Industrial air conditioner

Apartment air conditioners can be used in residential, commercial, office, educational and other spaces. Small models of apartment air conditioners are called home air conditioners.

In terms of structure, there is no significant difference between industrial and apartment air conditioners, and only in industrial air conditioners in a place where there is a lot of pollution, special filters should be used.

Industrial air conditioners are usually used for ventilation inside industrial sheds, sports halls, air conditioners inside warehouses, increasing the volume of air circulation. Due to reducing energy consumption and preventing the entry of industrial pollutants, industrial air conditioners have different filters than the type of apartment.

Components of an air conditioner

In general, an air conditioner consists of the following parts and components.


A fan is one of the most important components used in an air conditioner, whose job is to determine and regulate the flow and movement of air in the system. According to the air conditioner model, different fans are placed in the air conditioner, including axial fan, Foley fan, centrifugal fan and فن

Cellulose Pad

Cellulose pad is one of the evaporative cooling intermediates which consists of several layers of thin sheets and corrugated wood paper with high water absorption property. Cellulose pad due to its geometric shape and regular texture causes water to be distributed evenly throughout it and creates a high level of contact with the air flow. Air movement in the hard and wet layers of the pad and not carrying water droplets into the space Cooling causes maximum evaporation of water and creates high coolness. The geometric shape and regular texture of the pad is the result of placing different angles and wavelengths of the kraft paper layers on top of each other.

Cooling and heating coils

Ghalia air conditioner has a heating coil that receives hot water from a hot water source such as a package or hot water boiler.

In two-stage devices, cold water coils are also installed in the product.

Control equipment

Control equipment plays an important and essential role in regulating each of the air conditioner characteristics. Features such as adjusting the air temperature provided, adjusting the flow rate and amount of air passing through the device, the amount of humidity and the quality of the exhaust air.

These control components can be a simple thermostat to disconnect or connect, or a sophisticated intelligent building system.

Typical components of a control system include thermometers, hygrometers, motors, controllers, and mechanical actuators.

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