Performance differences in fan coil systems and Hawaram systems

Performance differences in fan coil systems and air conditioning systems

To evaluate the performance of both systems, we first give a comprehensive description of each of the air conditioning systems. In the case of fan coils, it can be said that its useful life and conditions affect its costs. In such a way that used fan coils suffer from failure in a shorter period of time
In general, the efficiency of fan coils is not high, but if they are handled regularly, it will increase their life and efficiency.
In fact, a fan coil (Fancoil) with the circulation of refrigerant or hot or cold water in it creates air conditioning in the surrounding environment. But Hawaram air conditioner is a device that in addition to providing hot and cold air is used to create air conditioning.
Among the differences between fan coil and air conditioner, the following can be mentioned.
1- The air conditioning system is simpler than the fan coil system.
2- Air conditioning systems have higher capacities and are also used for larger spaces.
3- Fancoils generally have more noise in the environment.
4- In air conditioning systems, the humidity of the environment can be controlled, but in fan coils (Fancoil) these conditions are not provided.
5. The inlet air from the air conditioner is supplied from the outside air, but the fan coils use the circulating air.

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