How and necessity of direct disinfection of the cooling tower

Direct disinfection of the cooling tower

A chlorinated solution compatible with disinfectants of living organisms (with cleansing properties) should be added to the circulating water, then the system is filled with a volume of water containing chlorine with pesticidal properties of 10 mg / l for at least one hour. Circulate in the circuit and disinfect the system. Note that the water pH should be maintained between 7 and 7.6 during this process. Instead of chlorine, bromine compounds (with cleansing properties) can be used at a rate of 20 mg per liter for at least one hour in the circuit. However, the pH should be maintained between 7 and 8.5. Turn off the appliance and drain the cooling tower water according to the chemical disposal. The cooling tower water must be drained. Refill the tower with water and turn on the cooling tower water circulation pump.

Legionella disease

It is a type of bacterium that is found in small amounts and naturally in natural sources. It may also be present in cooling towers, and evaporative condensers may multiply to dangerous levels. It usually enters the human lungs by inhaling water droplets in the air and has a latency period of 2 weeks. Then flu-like symptoms appear, including fever, chills, and a dry cough. It does not spread directly to other people and is only caused by central air conditioners that can produce water vapor. It is even possible in springs or swimming pools, and it is also very common in Haniz Hospital, which should be monitored and cared for.

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