Why two-stage cooling


Less electricity consumption


Consume less water


Less moisture

up to 8 °C

More cooling


Evaporation efficiency

Havaram Co.

Relying on 50 years of experience in manufacturing heating and cooling systems, Havaram Dama Co., a member of Energy Holding, began to produce smart and efficient products.

In 2001, a group of students from the Sharif University of Technology put forth the original idea for these products, which were used in many countries including the United States, to achieve significantly better efficiency and intelligence in the air conditioning industry.

Backed by Energy’s logistical, engineering, production, sales and after-sale service prowess, Havaram products will find a new position in the Iranian air conditioning market as efficient and advanced air conditioning systems.

The Iranian air conditioning industry often relies on old methods or imported products that are ill-suited to its climate and economic and cultural conditions. We are committed to designing and producing smart and high-quality products that meet the standards of the global air conditioning industry, and will spare no effort to this end.



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15845 Devices sold
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After-Sale Services

The Energy Industries has over 150 sales representatives across Iran, a head after-sale service department at the factory, and one of the most committed and experienced product distribution and service networks in Iran with over 240 after-sales service representatives.
2. Air Handling Units

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